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Message from the founder Chair

FMPSY87202 Welcome to the DECP website! This website presents a concise overview of the department, admission procedure,   news, events and facilities for the students as well as others looking for psychological services. Currently, DECP offers one year professional master’s (MS) and two years master’s of philosophy (M Phil) degree in educational psychology and counseling psychology.  Additionally, the department organizes various skill training and workshops for the counseling psychologists, educational psychologists, clinical psychologists and mental health professionals.

DECP is committed to maintain high professional standard and ethics in teaching, training, research and practice. Our graduates have to go through extensive training, institutional placements and direct practice experience before they have been awarded degree. From October 2013, DECP initiated professional psychological services such as individual counseling/psychotherapy, group therapy, workshop, child assessment and intervention, psychological assessment. Interested individual or organization can contact with the department to access any of these services.

Our vision is to take psychological service at the doorstep of the unreachable. We welcome any national and international collaboration with our efforts in developing professional psychologists. We live up to our mission of  meeting the unlimited cry for balance psychological state in rapid changing national and global social, economic and political context.


Professor  Shaheen Islam, PhD
Founder Chairperson
Department of Educational and Counseling Psychology
University of Dhaka


Our vision is to reach Psychology at the doorstep of the unreachable for personal and social well-being by building adequate human resource to safeguard ethical practice. To create social awareness by removing stigma to access psychological help with equal importance of physical amenities.

Our mission is:

  • to understand application of psychological  theories and principles for psychological assessment and intervention
  • to warrant professional attitude to protect clients’ right and  wellbeing
  • to develop cultural sensitivity of changing  social, economic and political context
  • to expand  educational situation for helping the learner to attain his or her best
  • to acknowledge diversity to foster the capacity of self-help and personal responsibility
  • to serve humanity to enjoy a meaningful satisfying life


The Department of Educational and Counselling Psychology (DECP) under the faculty of Biological Sciences has its root back in 2006 within the Department of Psychology. Officially, an independent department was created in 2011 with the aim of preparing educational and counselling psychologists in Bangladesh. Advanced knowledge and intensive skill training on applied psychological areas along with institutional orientation through DECP create the opportunity for the prospective graduates to develop expertise in the areas of Educational Psychology and Counselling Psychology.

Objective of the professional courses in Educational and Counselling Psychology is to gain knowledge and understanding of theories and principles of psychology in applying psychological assessment and intervention in the context of (a) educational situation for helping the learner to attain his or her best and (b) diverse community to foster the capacity of self-help and personal responsibility to have a meaningful satisfying life.

This post graduate professional training programme offers M.S. and M. Phil degrees. Aim is to develop practicing Educational Psychologists and Counselling Psychologists and psychological services. Educational and Counselling Psychology graduates are successfully serving in educational institutions, hospitals, human rights organizations and mental health clinics.

The Department has active collaboration with Queensland University of Technology (QUT) Brisbane, Australia. The University of Dhaka has a signed Memorandum of Understanding with the Queensland University of Technology.