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Orientation Notice 2018

         Orientation Notice

Orientation Notice

Final Result of MS 2018-2019, Department of Educational and Counselling Psychology

Final Result DECP-7 Admission Notice

MS 2018-2019 Admission Test Result

The Department of Educational and Counselling Psychology (DECP) is announcing MS 2018-2019 result for Viva.

1st Viva Date: 26.11.2017, Sunday, Time: 11.00 AM, Place: DECP, 4th Floor, Arts Building, University of Dhaka. Candidate’s serial (1-30)

2nd Viva Date: 27.11.2017, Monday, Time: 11.00 AM, Place: DECP, 4th Floor, Arts Building, University of Dhaka. Candidate’s serial (31-56)

All are requested to bring their original academic certificates, mark certificates and experience certificates (if any) along with admit card.

MS 2018-2019 Result

আন্তঃবিভাগীয় ফুটবল টুর্নামেন্টে এডুকেশনাল এন্ড কাউন্সেলিং সাইকোলজি বিভাগের প্রথম বারের মতো অংশগ্রহণ

ঢাকা বিশ্ববিদ্যালয় আন্তঃবিভাগীয় ফুটবল টুর্নামেন্টের ইতিহাসে এই প্রথমবারের মত অংশগ্রহণ করেছে এডুকেশনাল এন্ড কাউন্সেলিং সাইকোলজি বিভাগ।গত ২৩ সেপ্টেম্বর বিকাল সাড়ে চারটায় বিশ্ববিদ্যালয় কেন্দ্রীয় খেলার মাঠে সি, এস,সি বিভাগের বিপরিতে খেলাটি অনুষ্ঠিত হয়েছে ।

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DECP Outreach Program on the occasion of the World Mental Health Day 2017:

কর্মক্ষেত্রে মানসিক চাপ ব্যবস্থাপনা

সঞ্চালকঃ মেহতাব খানম, পি এইচ ডি

প্রফেসর ও চেয়ারম্যান

এডুকেশনাল এন্ড কাউন্সেলিং সাইকোলজি বিভাগ

ঢাকা বিশ্ববিদ্যালয়

আয়োজনেঃ এডুকেশনাল এন্ড কাউন্সেলিং সাইকোলজি বিভাগএবং পাবনা মেডিকেল কলেজ, পাবনা।

স্থানঃ পাবনা মেডিকেল কলেজ, পাবনা।


Observation of World Mental Health Day 2017

We are glad to inform that in conjunction with the Student Counselling and Guidance Office (SCGO) of DU, Dept. of Educational and Counseling Psychology (DECP) has organized a whole day program at T.S.C to observe World Mental Health Day. This year the theme was “Mental Health in the Workplace”


Exclusive Day Long Workshop on Gestalt Therapy

Exclusive Day Long Workshop on Gestalt Therapy

Exclusive Day Long Workshop on Gestalt Therapy

World Mental Health Day 2017 Observation, Upcoming Workshops

WMH Day 2017

WMH Day 2017

Admission Circular 2018-2019

Admission Circular 2018-2019-page-001

Heading : Exclusive Workshop on “Art of Emotional Literacy To Explore Meaning for Life”

Hasina Manipal
An Individual who is exploring the meaning for LIFE
Lives in Manipal Lake, Manipal, Karnataka, India

Workshop on Emotional Literacy
Professionally a Psychotherapist, working in a private setting Saaz the Breath of Being, Manipal is my Home town where I have seen people walking for the betterment of health and education, which is my passion too.  Learning and Giving is my motive.  Still in search of Meaning for Life. God has been very kind to me and I am a Mother of 3 children who is the gift of nature to me…

love and let life…

  • Certified Transactional Analyst Psychotherapy, Gestalt Therapy, Clinical Hypnotherapy, Psychodrama, Creative Movement Therapy, Nuero Linguistic Program – an Eclectic Approach towards healing and learning.Ã Training, Psychotherapy Interventions, Consultant for health care initiatives, Educational Institutions and Non Governmental Organizations.Ã Experience spanning more than 17 years in the field of Supporting, Scaffolding and Grooming people in need from multiple levels in UAE & India.Ã Conceptualized & Designed workshops, intervention programs for students, teachers and parents, and executed the course on Women Empowerment for lifelong learning Programs.Ã Key team member and facilitator for organizing 3rd Annual conference of South Asian Association of Transactional Analysis.

    Ã Director, SAAZ the Breath of Being, Manipal

    Ã Project Consultant & Visiting Psychotherapist, Progress Centre for wellness, Payyanur.

    Ã Visiting Consultant for APMR Ayesha Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation Center, Perinthalmanna, Kerala.

    Ã Project Director, Women’s Empowerment for Lifelong Learning, CIGI, Calicut.

    Ã Consultant Psychotherapist for CIGI, India, Progressive English School-Kannur, & Ideal Educational Institution-Kuttipuram.

    Ã CEO, Lifelab Int’l, Bangalore India.

    As a part of my mission for the growth of the nation, I have chosen an area where my potentials are utilised optimum for women and children who can be instrumental for change in any community.
    My passion for counselling, psychotherapy, facilitating and mentoring has been my companion in materializing my mission and I have chosen NGOs, Educational Institutions and Community Development Organizations who work for this cause targeting the overall development of Individuals especially women and children to generate their SELF

One to One interventions on various difficulties an individual experiences and Group Interventions for those who want resilience in life. SAAZ will be the breath for your life, when you are suffocated with too many internal and external experiences

Upcoming workshop for Bangladesh

“Art of Emotional Literacy to Explore Meaning for Life”

Hasina Manipal, Certified Transactional Analyst and Psychotherapist
Founder of SAAZ the Breath of Being, Karnataka, India

Who would benefit:
Professionals serving for betterment of the health and education.
People longing to be resilient and overcome difficult life experiences.